Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Wat tan hor ipoh style

Besides being famous for Ipoh sar hor fun, there is a little gem in Ipoh to be discovered. If you like 'wat tan hor',( fried noodle with egg gravy) this shop is for you to try.
The 'wat tan hor' is bit different from the ones you find elsewhere. The version of this dish has more gravy than the usual. The 'sar hor fun' noodles in this dish is ultra ' silky and soft'. The gravy is ultra nice as well. Very very tasty!
The other thing this shop is famous for is the wait for the noodles to be served. Minimum wait is 45 minutes for the dish to be served. But well worth the wait I must say!
This shop is open at night.
Kedai Sun Seng Fatt
Near Lau Ek Ching Street
Price: Cheap, RM 5.00 per person

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