Thursday, 24 September 2009

Dim sum back to the olden days

If you are in Macau, there is a nice place for dim sum that you might want to visit. What is special in this dim sum place is the well -preserved interior which brings you back to the olden days of 1960's.

Yes, this dim sum place is about 40 years ago and I don't think the interior has changed much since it has been opened. There is a nice exhibition of paintings, calligraphies and antiques for you to view in this place and they are pretty old.

Oh, the dim sum is pretty nice too. Although the selection is limited, you could get the authentic char siew pau( pork bun), gai geok( chicken feet) and siew mai ( pork dumpling). The portions are a bit bigger than the usual ones you get. And the tea is stored in big jars which you could choose from. The speciality in this shop is also the tea!
Long Wa Tea House
Rua Norte de Mercado Almirante Lacerda,
Open: morning to noon
Price : Moderate
This place is featured in the film Look for a star ( 2009) - featuring Andy Lau and Shu Qi
Opposite the Red market ( hung gai si)
Try it lah!

Monday, 21 September 2009

Pork chop bun to savour

Pork chop bun also known as ' ju pa pau' in Cantonese is one speciality in Macau for visitors to try.
It is self explanatory from the name. The pork chop is often very crispy and not oily sandwiched in a soft bun. The unique thing about this is the pork chop is deep fried but the oil does not soak into the bun. I have not eaten this elsewhere and I wonder why most places do not serve this but only in Macau.
There are many places in Macau that sells this. The most famous is Tai Lei Loi Kei in Taipa but this photo of the pork chop bun is from another shop. This shop sells pork chop bun which is as good.
Where can you find this?
It's at :
Cafe Kam Ma Lon
50 Rua De Mescadores
Near Senado square, ask around where you are there
Price- cheap
Try it lah!

Sunday, 20 September 2009

Mega big won - ton

Have you tried a mega big won ton ?

The size of this won-ton is about the size of ping pong ball, actually it is a bit bigger than that. The filling of the won-ton is filled with prawns and it is really crunchy when you take a bite. There are won-ton noodles served with it of course but the best part is not the noodle but the won-ton.
Where is this place?
It's at:
Tsim Tsai Kee
98 Wellington Street
Hong kong
Just opposite Mak's noodles, same street with Yung Kee
Price- Moderate

Sunday, 13 September 2009

Korean coldbuckwheat noodle

How about some cold noodle soup in Summer?

Have you tried this special korean noodle 'naeng myeon?'

I had a chance to visit korea and tried this special dish. This dish is made of noodle in icey cold soup served with boiled egg and some raw vegetables. Yes, it is very different from the usual hot soup with noodles in Oriental dishes. It is mostly served in summer in Korea to cool the hot weather. It was originally derived in North Korea.

This dish is very popular among the Koreans and I think that it is an acquired taste. I did not fancy it but if you have not tried it you might as well give it a go to see it you share the same opinion as me or not. It is available in many Korean restaurants.

Location : Lotte World, Seoul

Taste: 5/10

Price : Moderately expensive

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

I love yum cha

Dim sum or yum cha is well known in every corner of the world . It is originated from Hongkong and Southern China and these chinese cuisine has quickly spread all over the world.

One of the places that serve nice dim sum is in London, ( although I don't think HK dim sum could be beaten from serving the best dim sum)
Okay if you do visit London, one of the recommended place to dine is at Royal China which serves nice dim sum.
The varities include the usual suspects - har gau ( prawn dumplings), siu mai ( pork dumplings), tan tart( egg tart), cheong fun ( try the cha leung ), char siu bau ( pork bun) and etc...
The dim sum is indeed nice and tasty. So if do visit London, try out :
Royal China ( Queensway branch),
13 Queensway,W2 4QJ
(Take the tube to Queensway) , the restaurant is a stone throw from Queensway
Taste- 8/10
Price- Expensive
Taste it lah!