Tuesday, 8 September 2009

I love yum cha

Dim sum or yum cha is well known in every corner of the world . It is originated from Hongkong and Southern China and these chinese cuisine has quickly spread all over the world.

One of the places that serve nice dim sum is in London, ( although I don't think HK dim sum could be beaten from serving the best dim sum)
Okay if you do visit London, one of the recommended place to dine is at Royal China which serves nice dim sum.
The varities include the usual suspects - har gau ( prawn dumplings), siu mai ( pork dumplings), tan tart( egg tart), cheong fun ( try the cha leung ), char siu bau ( pork bun) and etc...
The dim sum is indeed nice and tasty. So if do visit London, try out :
Royal China ( Queensway branch),
13 Queensway,W2 4QJ
(Take the tube to Queensway) , the restaurant is a stone throw from Queensway
Taste- 8/10
Price- Expensive
Taste it lah!

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