Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Dry style curry mee

Have you tried the dry style curry mee? This type of curry noodles is quite unique as most places in Malaysia does not sell the dry style curry noodles.

So if you do drop by Ipoh, you might want to try this curry noodles which is famous in Ipoh. It taste good and the curry is not too spicy. It is certainly worth giving it a try if you have some spare time around Ipoh.

The little coffee shop in Ipoh is

Kedai Yee Fatt
39, Jalan Kampar
Near the MGS Girls School( at the roundabout)
Price- Cheap
Taste- 7/10
P.s this shop also sells the herbal tea with egg which is pretty popular!

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Beef noodles in Ipoh

Do you fancy eating 'ngau yuk fan' (beef ball noodles)? There are many varities of this noodle soup and there is one famous stall in Ipoh that is for you to try.
This stall is actually famous for beef brisket (ngau lam) noodles but since I am not a fan of beef brisket I opt for the usual safe option of beef ball instead of the briskets.
The beef ball is nice and springy and the soup clear and tasty. And not to forget the chilly sauce is special. Not too spicy but just right and tasty.
Feeling hungry?
Go to
Cheong Kee Beef Noodles ( Two sisters )
At 'Wai Sik Kai'
Near Sam Tet School
Jalan Sultan Idris
Price: Cheap