Saturday, 1 August 2009

The famous assam laksa

I have decided to put my first post on the malaysian food I love most. If you are Malaysian, you either love it of hate it.. I think most people don't. But I'm one of those who goes crazy over the smell of this dish, has constant craving for it at least once a week and never fails to choose this dish whenever I see it being sold in the hawker stalls.

To any assam laksa lover, perhaps it is a mission to try and find the best assam laksa in town. I went on a mission and so far I think the award goes to :

Ayer Itam market, next to Kek Lok Si Temple

Price: Cheap

Taste: 9/10

Hmm, this assam laksa award simply for the taste. You can hunt down every single pasar malam in Malaysia and still do not find the similar taste to this stall. The soup is delicious and one taste of it makes you wanna drink the whole bowl of soup. And the noodles is cooked to al-dente , not too soft and still springy with one bite on it. And if you look around the tables, you could see that the whole bowl of soup is empty , ravished to the last bit !

And the price is really cheap .. I think it is RM 2.20, that's a while ago it might have been pricier one .. sorry I don't live in Penang, maybe some of you could update me on it.

To find the place, just follow the signs to Kek Lok Si temple, and you can't miss it, the stall is located in the market and if you get lost please ask around and I doubt that anyone would not know it .

Try it lah!

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