Monday, 3 August 2009

Ipoh Sliced bean sprouts chicken - the best in town?

Love this?

Next stop if you visit Ipoh, is to have a taste of the super yummy delicious Ipoh 'nga choi gai' ( Ipoh bean sprouts sliced chicken).

For those of you unfamiliar with Malaysian food, this is one dish to try. It is basically a combination of flat noodles in clear soup served with boiled chicken in soya sauce. And there is a plate of bean sprouts in soya sauce to go with it.
The simplicity of this dish does not mean that you could cook this dish at home. It looks simple but if you ask around for the recipe, it never taste like the one you get from this shop. The chicken is just nicely done, the texture of the meat is just nice. Not too soft and not too hard. And perhaps the best is the soya-sauce based juice. You could have a bite on the chicken and the juice soaks into the chicken meat just right!
The bean sprouts that accompany the dish is super crunchy. And the size certainly is comparatively bigger than the usual bean-sprouts that you could find in some places.
The shop I am referring to is :-
Kedai Cowan Street
Ayam Tauge and Koitiau ( Yes it is spelt that way)
Jalan Ekram
Price- Moderate( a tad pricier than the usual , just a little)
Taste- 8/10
Opening times- at nights only
By the way, this is the shop recommended by the usual Ipoh folks, I think this shop is more authentic than some popularise shops selling the same dish in Ipoh.
Try it lah!

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