Sunday, 2 August 2009

In the sweltering heat- how about a glass of Ipoh Ice White Coffee

In Malaysia, where the sweltering heat overwhelms any fellow Malaysians, nothing beats a quick fix of an icey cold drink! How about a glass of Ipoh Ice White Coffee ?

There's a constant battle on where is the best Ipoh White Coffee in town. Some say it is Suan Yuan Foong others say it's Suan Yuan Loong. And Nam Heong is another name constantly mentioned by bloggers and fellow Malaysians.

But there's a coffee shop that I think serves the best coffee in town. I have a few relatives who lives in Ipoh and they brought me there and indeed it tastes great. The coffee aroma is strong and the coffee is milky which I love. It is not too sweet and there is enough ice to make it icey cold!! Perfect for the humid weather. This is a must stop for visitors to Ipoh. Maybe for coffee lovers you could go around tasting which serves the best ice coffee. There are all located in close vicinity around each other. Okay, the parking is a bit difficult especially during peak hours.

Whoops! I forgot to mention the coffee shop I am referring to. It's-

Kedai Kopi Ah Chow

Same row as Suan Yuan Foong coffee shop

Jalan Bandar Timah

Ipoh Old town

Taste- 8/10

Price- cheap , i think around RM 1.60

Try it lah !

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