Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Portugese egg tart for you?

Macau is famous for it's portugese egg tart. There are 2 famous ones that sells the portugese egg tart in Macau and most people would know it. Unfortunately, I didn't get to take photos from one of them, so I will just post one of the ones that I have tried.

This portugese egg tart ' pou tart ' is located in Coloane village ( Lo wan ). It has a fancy name , Lord Stow bakery. It sells like 3000 egg tarts a day.

The portugese egg tart is nice and fresh. The egg tart is of considerable size. The egg tart is not too 'eggy' and not too rich. There is a nice cinnamon topping on it. I have tasted the egg tarts at Margaret's and to be honest I do not know which one is better. You could let me know.

Besides Coloane is a nice village to visit. Small and peaceful, lovely for a stroll and 'digest' the air of Macau. So worth a visit if you are there in Macau.

Location: Lord Stow Bakery
Address: 1 Rua de Tassara,
Coloane Village, Macau

Taste- 7/10
Price- Moderate, 6MOP( about RM 3.00)

Try it lah!

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