Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Hongkong - try the ' pei tan ' congee

Hongkong is know for the never-ending night life, exciting shopping and of course food!

One of the many good food that you could find in Hongkong is 'pei tan juk'. Okay in English, it is called thousand egg congee/porridge.

This congee could not be found in Malaysia. Yes, you will have to fly all the way to Hongkong and try this congee. Of course, you could find this version in Malaysia but what I mean is the taste.

Well, the reason why I rave about this is because in Hongkong, this shop in particular you could taste the thousand egg in the congee itself and it is just not when you bite the egg. I always wonder what the secret recipe is and I don't think I could find the answer unless the chef tells me.

And also the porridge is cooked just right and is sizzling hot!

So if you do go to Hongkong, do make this a stop to :

Ho Hung Kee Congee and Noodle Shop,

2 Sharp Street East,

Causeway Bay

(2 minutes walk from Times Square)

Taste- 9/10

Price- Moderate
Try it lah!

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