Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Hakka noodles to die for?

Ipoh is one of my favourite town in Malaysia to visit. To be honest, I have not been to many towns in Malaysia and my holidays have always been spent going to Ipoh for a foodie hunt.

One of my favourite noodle shop sells Hakka noodles. This is one of the best in town that I have tasted. The noodles is nicely cooked with a nice topping of fried mince pork. The chilli blends well with the noodles and you could choose the different types of meat balls, squid balls to go with it!

The service is pretty quick as well. Rumour has it that this stall is more than 50 years old.

Okay, the name of the shop is :

Kedai Yin Yau Kui (previously)/ Kedai Paris (moved to)

Jalan Sultan Iskandar,



Price- cheap

Try it lah!

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