Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Do you fancy some roast goose?

Have you tried to famous roast goose?

Well, if you do stop by Hk for a visit, one of the many places that is worth a visit would be to try the famous roast goose.

HK is famous for roast and roast goose is one of the speciality of the city. In K.L, there are not many places that sells roast goose so I have taken the opportunity to try this speciality recommended by many.
The taste is good but I would not rave about it as much as I have done is some other food that I have eaten.
It is indeed worth a try as every single person in HK knows this place. It is chosen as one of the top 15 restaurants in the world by Fortune magazine once. Wikepedia says it use to be a 'dai pai dong'.
Yung Kee Restaurant,
32- 40 Wellington Street,
Central, HK
Price: Expensive
Taste : 7/10
Near MRT , so pretty convenient, ask around when you reach the Central station.

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